Disegni + 2021

The MISE (Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico), Direzione Generale per la Tutela della Proprietà Industriale – Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi e l’Unioncamere with this Call promote a facilitation measure to support SMEs for the enhancement of designs and models.

With this Project, SeTeL has the aim of enhancing the design of the new MAR chassis. In fact, the drawing represents the sensor and actuator holder frame of the amphibious vehicle. The vehicle is composed of a central body and two large side wheels which provide for movement.

The chassis is an integral part of the vehicle and operates as:

  • central structure to support the movement of the wheels
  • support base for sensors
  • container of part of the electronics

The upper part (crest) remains erect during movement through appropriate mechanisms present in the wheels and protected by the wheels themselves. On the crest there are anchoring slots for sensors:

  • in vertical position for the sensors in the upper part
  • in horizontal position (front and rear) for sensors and actuators placed in the directions of movement

The element is a hollow structure designed to be made using Rotomoulding technology by creating a specific mould.