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Training – CBT E-learning

The “Human Factor” is certainly one of the most important aspects which cooperate to reach the objectives of the Logistic Engineering. Infact, it’s always necessary to analyze, evaluate and manage all the elements which can help the involved human resources (operators, maintainers, managers, etc.) to ensure the correct operation of a complex system during its whole life cycle.

This means that the very concept of “Operational Availability” of a system/technology/plant is largely dependent on the knowledge and skills levels of the involved personnel (either as a single resource or as a working team). These competences must be created, maintained and upgraded on time by means of various activities; among these the training processes is one of the most important.

The SeTeL has always been aware of this need and, since the beginning, has acquired a solid competence/experience in the analysis, design and development of training processes applied to the knowledge of complex system and coherent with the industrial objectives of the Integrated Logistic Engineering.

SeTeL's Multifunctional/Multimedia room

In the education & training field, the company offering is organized in two main groups of activities:

  • development of traditional technical training processes – on customer complex systems – based on theoretical and hands-on courses
  • development of “Technology Based Education” solutions, based on different types of application, such as:
    • Computer Based Training and Simulators
    • E-learning SCORM®
    • Mobile learning

In the development of any training process typology, Setel applies design methodologies which ensure:

  • a strictly relationship to the achievement of the trainees instructional objectives
  • the total coherence with the professional profile to be trained
  • the configuration control of the instructional contents with respect to the system configuration and its upgrading on time

Setel training department foresees the presence of the following professional figures:

  • Customer Training Managers
  • Instructional Analysts
  • Instructional Designers/Authors
  • Multimedia Instructional Designers
  • CBT/E-learning Developers

Within its premises, SeTeL has – and makes available to the customers – a multifunctional, multimedia center usable for different purposes, e.g.:

  • educational and training courses execution (both traditional or Technology Based Training)
  • presentations of marketing initiatives, products and ICT applications
  • execution of seminars and/or workshops
  • conducting company/business meetings

The Multifunctional Center is located in the building adjacent to that of the SeTeL Directional and Operational premises.

  • one Multifunctional/Multimedia room (for classroom activities, videoconference/meeting room and show room)
  • one Multifunctional room (as meeting room, classroom, or as a smaller classroom for groups activities

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