enhanced Logistic Integrated Support Analyzer

Enhanced Logistic Integrated Support Analyzer

eLisa is an ILS tool which offers the user an integrated workspace to efficiently conduct analysis and LSAR activities.

eLisa adopts a modular design, with the LSAR module as a base on which a wide range of auxiliary modules can be installed. Each module covers a specific function or analysis.

Current modules include:

  • LSAR Module (Data entry, reporting, project management, tree views, import & export)

  • Reliability Module (Reliability Analysis, including RBC)

  • Failure Related Analysis module (FMEA, FMECA, FTA, Detection)

  • Project Conversion module (Project converter from MIL-STD-1388 standard to S3000L standard)

  • Task Analysis Module (MTA)

  • Simplified Data Entry Module (Module customised based on the user’s preferences which provides a data entry template optimised on the specific needs)

The tool provides a smart interface that is both fast and easy to use, while also providing all the strict controls on data quality which are required when working on LSA data. eLisa’s mission is to minimize the human errors which can affect the final data quality and at the same time maximizing the user’s productivity.

eLisa is available both in client-server and stand alone architectures. All architectures are Windows based and make use of MySql databases.

eLisa currently supports the Mil-Std 1388-2B and S3000L LSAR data models. The tool allows the user to work on both data models without any perceived differences and without a deep knowledge of those models. Concurrent work on multiple projects in multiple data models is also possible.


Click here for the presentation “eLisa”.


Click here for the presentation “eLisa”.