Logistic Support Analysis

Logistic Support Analysis

The Logistic Support Analysis and Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSA-LSAR) drive and support all the activities of the Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) engineering. 

For many years the LSA/LSAR issue has been regulated by MIL-STD-1388 1A and 1B international standards.

In 2005, within the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe and American Aerospace Industries Association (ASD-AIA), was created a joint transatlantic specification named S3000L. The goal is to establish a global specification describing the LSA process, by means of the definition of the general requirements for Integrated Product Support, configuration management, the analysis activities and the data model for information exchange governing the performance of LSA during the life cycle of any complex technical system.

Since 1990, SeTeL has gained various experiences and competence in the LSA specification scenarios using:

  • the 1388-1A Specification for developing logistic analysis, plans, studies and demonstrations, etc.
  • the 1388-2B Specification for logistic data collection and subsequent analysis process

In these last years, our company started to make experiences with the S3000L regarding, in detail, the design and development of specific high-end software tool for supporting the LSA processes (eLISA – enhanced Logistic Integrated Support Analyzer); this tool, in fact, is compliant not only the 1388 but with the S3000L Specification too.

In these last fifteen years, the SeTeL has developed various experiences and competence in the LSA/LSAR scenario; in detail:

  • Develop of own LSAR Parser/Browsers, integrating them with the SGML/XML context;
  • Interpretation the 1388 international variants (i.e.:DEF-STAN-0060) and customize their requirements;
  • Provision of methodological support in the definition of the logistic processes based on the different LSA/LSAR standards, acquiring significant experiences on: 1388 specification and its customized versions – DEF-STAN-00660 regulations – NIILS (Italian Interforce Regulation of the Integrated Logistic Support);
  • Manage, control, comment, harmonize and integrate the LSAR data coming from different sources;
  • Develop of LSAR Browser Software and LSAR validator;
  • Integration of Parser/Browsers within complex data bases;
  • Relationship and integration with specialized teams for developing of complex logistic applications.