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Research & Development

In the last 25 years, SeTeL has implemented a policy oriented to Research and Innovation.

Over the years, SeTeL has always devolved any profits to give maximum impulse to the Research. This activity, in the last years has reached about 15% of the turnover.

SeTeL is now an efficient partner in different areas such as:

  • development of funded projects for research and development, industrial research, training and communication by collaborating with Universities, Research Centers and Companies;
  • creation, launch and management of industrial clusters of SMEs in highly qualified contexts, such as aerospace and aeronautical maintenance.

In this context MAR – Multipurpose Amphibious Rover was born, which became the main Project.


Relations With Other Businesses and Research Bodies

Since 2000, SeTeL has undertaken in-depth relationships (in part below described ) with the following academic, research and agency/agency entities:

  • Libera Università S.Pio V-Roma
  • University of Calabria
  • Research Centre Transport and Logistics of the Faculty of Engineering La Sapienza
  • Laboratory of Electrical and Electronic Measures of the Faculty of Engineering of Roma 3
  • Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies La Sapienza
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace La Sapienza Chair of Aerospace Propulsion
  • Institute of Microelectronics and Microsystems (IMM) of CNR
  • University of Cassino
  • ASI (Italian Space Agency)
  • ENEA (Technology Transfer Unit) for T3GOV Project – territorial Technology Transfer Governance
  • Link Campus University
  • Science of Materials of TorVergata University in Rome
  • University of Sannio

The Projects over the years


SeTeL, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Electrical and Electronic Measures of the Faculty of Engineering of Rome 3 and the CNR-IMM, wins, as a Prime, of a project funded by the POR FESR 2007/2013, called SIMPFLEX, Stretching/Pressure Measurement System, distributed on flexible or semi-flexible surfaces with autonomous sensors.

The basic concept that inspired the project is the development of a new family of multisensory systems of “contactless” measurement systems that are totally autonomous – also for power supply – and able to transfer the data to be measured to the processing, without the use of physical electrical connections between the parts of the system.


SeTeL, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Electrical and Electronic Measures of the Faculty of Engineering of Rome 3, presents a proposal within the initiative on “Technological Research Promoters” (funded by the Province of Rome), relating to vulnerabilities and protection techniques of photovoltaic systems. 

SeTeL role is the industrial sponsor. The proposal was accepted for funding.


Project COLD ENERGY was founded by Ministry of Environment. The objective was Energy saving on large industrial refrigeration system.

SeTeL role was the analysis and device vulnerabilities, realization of the control system of the refrigeration machine and energy saving measurement.

Prime: Industria Angelantoni.
Partner: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Rome 3.

Shape Memory Alloy-Based Actuators for Aerospace


Call ASI (Italian Space Agency) on Research and Development Projects. Theme: “Materials, Components, Sensors”.

SeTeL, in partnership with Aerosekur, presents the ALMAS Project aimed to develop a PinPuller for space devices, based on Shape Memory Alloys technology. Role of SeTeL was the analysis of the pinpuller failure modes.

Research Agreement for autonomic logistics

In the last 8 years SeTeL has developed an intense relationship with the Faculty of Sciences of Rome 3, stimulating a lot of master thesis and scientific publications on Autonomic Logistic and on ASD 3000 L.

It is a research area that applies to complex systems such as: satellite systems, railway systems, large plants already equipped with sensors for temperature, vibration, pressures, electric and magnetic fields etc. with current technology they provide indications of the overall status with indications of the type ok-not ok. Maintaining systems in efficiency is therefore traditionally regulated by static, human-guided maintenance plans, even if supported by a computer.

An innovative method is to equip individual components with specialized microsensors, able to assess the expected performance related to the specific mode in progress.

The Autonomous Logistic, unlike traditional structures, aims to assess the state of degradation of each individual parameter and their whole in order to be able to determine the remaining life related not only to the overt failure (already detectable with the systems degradation of the set of parameters). On this goal SeTeL is able to pour a significant “tesauro” of experience.

The development of Autonomic Logistics policies and devices, enables continuous surveillance of the real-time health of components, reducing the risks of unexpected events and shifting maintenance activities “on condition” with obvious improvements safety, service availability and business cost-effectiveness.


Duration: 18 months
Start date: 18/01/2018
End date: 18/11/2019


  • SeTel Srl – leader
  • IDS SpA
  • DIBAF “Università della Tuscia”– Department for Innovation in Biological, Agrifood and Forest System
  • CNR – IMM Roma
  • Link Campus University

The project idea called AgridroneVision focuses on the creation and development of an integrated and intelligent system for innovative applications with a high knowledge content in the precision agriculture sector. The system will consist of a remotely piloted aircraft component equipped with multi-sensory instrumentation dedicated to proximal sensing, a ground control station and an innovative terrestrial rover and a series of sensors for monitoring the main microclimatic parameters.

The main activities of the project concerned the construction of the following integrated subsystems:

  1. Drone system. This system consist of an aircraft component and a remotely piloted land rover, equipped with multi-sensory instrumentation dedicated to proximal observation (proximal sensing) and mechanical actuators..
  2. Monitoring System. The system consists of a ground control station and specific command, data fusion and decision-making software.
  3. Sensor system. Commercial sensors were analyzed and innovative sensors developed for monitoring the main microclimatic parameters.

The project is co-financed with the funds of the POR-FESR 2014/2020 of the Lazio Region, based on the “LIFE 2020” Public Notice (“Public Notice”) approved with Det n. G08726 dated July 29, 2016.

Title: SCAMP (Smart Components via AM – Additive Manufacturing – polymeric)
Duration: 18 months + 3
Expected start date: April 2018
Expected end date: 31/01/2020

  • Leading Company: Thales Alenia Space Italia
  • Partners: SeTeL s.r.l. – HB Technology s.r.l. – Dragonfly s.r.l.
  • University and Research Organisms:  University of Rome Tor Vergata Department of Engineering of the “Mario Lucertini” Company and The National Research Council – Institute for the study of nanostructured materials – ISMN.


The project aims to create a significant tertiary structure of nanosatellite, made of innovative polymeric/nanocomposite material using AM techniques and integrating materials, nanotechnologies, microelectronics and Advanced Manufacturing in the same structure.

Se.Te.L. role:

The role of SeTeL is to correlate the reliability of the product by monitoring, tracing and post processing the AM production data, collected by multispectral and IMU sensors.

Project budget:

The project is co-financed by funds of the POR-FESR 2014/2020 of the Lazio Region, Call for Kets Technologies Enabling.

LIFE- WINEGROVER: Precision Agriculture System to limit the impact on the environment, on health and on air quality of grape production.

Title: Precision Agriculture System to limit the impact on the environment, on health and on air quality of grape production.

Expected start date: 01/09/2020

Expected end date: 31/10/2023

The project will be implemented in the following Member State(s) and Region(s) or other countries:

  • Italy (Lazio and Toscana)
  • Portugal (Norte)
  • Spain (Andalusia)


  • Coordinating beneficiary: Università degli Studi della Tuscia
  • Associated beneficiary: CREA – Counsil for Agricultural Research and Agricultural Economy Alalysis – CREA VE Research Center – Viticulture and Oenology
  • Associated beneficiary: Inova+ – Innovation Services, S.A.
  • Associated beneficiary: Asociacion Empresarial Multisectorial Innovadora para las Ciudades Inteligentes
  • Associated beneficiary: SETEL Servizi Tecnici Logistici Srl
  • Associated beneficiary: Wellness Telecom S.L.


Main objective of the Project is to decrease the environmental impact related to grape production by introducing novel technologies for Precision Agriculture (PA) and validate in two vineyards in Italy and Spain the technical performance of a cost-effective and integral solution based on the implementation of a new PA system developed in a previous research project.


The main activities in whose SeTeL is mainly involved are the following:

  • Development and implementation of the prototypes of the terrestrial Rover, an innovative autonomous terrestrial electric rover moving along the vineyard equipped with multy-sensory instrumentation for proximal sensing and actuators.
  • Development and implementation of a ground control station for missions control and real time location system. The system is based on MAVLINK protocols. Local proximity sensors operate independently from the remote guidance, immobilizing the vehicle when not explicitly authorized from the ground station.


  • Total project budget: 2,188,137 Euro
  • Totale eligible project budget: 2,188,137 Euro
  • EU financial contribution requested: 1,203,275 Euro (=55% of total eligible budget)

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R&D Project Reference

Download our information brochure to find out more.


Watch our video to find out more information.

R&D Project Reference